On Tuesday 3rd March we hosted one of our biggest SEND competitions of the year with 20 teams competing.

In the morning Forest Way hosted the start of our New Age Kurling competitions. 11 teams in total competed from Belvoirdale, Woodstone, Thringstone, Holy Cross, Warren Hills and Packington.

After some very close and well played games Belvoirdale were awarded the winners for the Coalville competition.

We asked the schools to vote for who they thought deserved Spirit of the Games and Packington were awarded for their team work, respect, determination and self-belief.

In the afternoon we headed over to Ibstock Community College where we had 2 events happening. For the first time we ran a New Age Kurling Festival alongside our Level 2 competition.

The New Age Kurling Festival is a new event for this year and saw schools try out different New Age Kurling activities before playing a New Age Kurling game. Unlike the New Age Kurling competition, the children playing in the festival do not need to have Special Educational Needs to participate.

Taking part in the festival was: Viscount Beaumont, Ashby Hilltop, Heather, Measham C of E and Ibstock Jnr. Between all the schools there were 8 teams.


In the Competition we had 9 teams competing from Hugglescote, All Saints, Whitwick St John, Griffydam, Thringstone and Ibstock Jnr.

After some incredibly close games and Pool 2 coming down to a 3 way tie with the teams having to be ranked based on points difference, the final was incredibly close with both All Saints and Hugglescote drawing after the 3 games. To determine the overall winner each team was given 1 stone and had to get it as close to the middle of the target as possible. Hugglescote played a brilliant first shot however All Saints managed to knock their stone off and keep theirs on the target to gain the overall win.

Again like the festival,  we asked the schools to vote for who they thought deserved Spirit of the Games and Whitwick St John were awarded for their team work, respect, self-belief and passion.

All Saints will now play Belvoirdale in the final (date to be confirmed) to decide who will go through to Level 3 to represent North West Leicestershire.

A massive thank you to Forest Way and Ibstock Community College for allowing us to use their facilities for this event and providing fantastic officials for the events.


A special thank you also goes out to Broom Leys, Snarestone, Measham C of E, Albert Village, Ashby C of E, Ibstock Jnr, Belvoirdale, Packington, Forest Way and Hugglescote for lending us equipment for this tournament. Without their support, we would struggle to hold 3 events in 1 day with 20 teams competing and 8 attending the festival.


On Thursday 12th March, All Saints C of E Primary School Hosted the New age Kurling Final

The game between Belvoirdale and All Saints was all to play for. With both teams having won the competitions they had attended at Forest Way and Ibstock Community College they both has shown the skill to get them into the final.

For the final both teams play over 5 games with points added up after each game to give the final score.

Belvoirdale started the first game playing a very short shot. After a couple more shots All Saints had managed to get 3 stones onto the target to take the game 3-0

In the second game All Saints started the game and played a lovely blocker shot just short of the target mat. Belvoirdale tried to get as many shorts on target as possible but couldn’t quite control the power behind the shorts leaving 3 All Saints stones on the target. Making the score 6-0

In the third game Belvoirdale started with a blocker stone again. For this game Belvoirdale managed to get 3 stones onto the target. With All Saints having 1 stone left to play they managed to knock off all of the Belvoirdale stone and leave there stone in the middle of the target. Making the score 8-0

In the forth game All Saints started with a stone just touching the target. Belvoirdale managed to get 3 stones onto the target but all just on the target in the red ring. All Saints had only managed to get 1 stone onto the target bu behind 3 All Saints stones. With the last stone All Saints managed to knock 2 of the stones off the target. Making the score 8-1

In the final game Belvoirdale started the game with a stone touching the bottom of the target. All Saints managed to surround the target however Belvoirdale managed to keep 1 stone onto the target to finish.

The final score was 8-2 to All Saints 

All Saints will now go through to the Level 3 competition to represent North West Leicestershire.


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