NWLSSP Hall of Fame

This is our NWLSSP Hall of Fame, where we have the winners for the last two years of the Primary School Competitions. Will your school be here for 2018/19?


Competition 2017/2018
Table Tennis Year 5/6 Girls HugglescoteHugglescote HugglescoteAll Saints
Table Tennis Year 5/6 BoysWillesleySnarestoneBelvoirdaleAll Saints
Tag Rugby Ashby Area Year 5/6WillesleyWillesleyDonisthorpeDonisthorpe
Tag Rugby Coalville Year 5/6HugglescoteWhitwick St JohnWhitwick St JohnWoodstone
Girls Football Year 5/6Whitwick St John*Broom LeysWhitwick St John
Basketball Year 5/6Broom LeysWoodstoneWhitwick St John
BocciaHoly CrossThringstone
Girls Kwik Cricket Year 5/6WillesleyWillesley
Go Ride Cycling WillesleyWillesley
Gymnastics Key Steps 1WillesleyHugglescoteGriffydam
Gymnastics Key Steps 2WillesleyHugglescoteHugglescote
Gymnastics Key Steps 3Whitwick St. John HugglescoteHugglescote
Mini Red Tennis Year 3/4 GriffydamPackington
Mini Red Tennis Year 5/6 WillesleyPackington
New Age KurlingAll Saints
Orienteering Measham St. CharlesWorthington
Primary Sports Hall Athletics WillesleyWillesleyWillesley
Quad Kids Year 3/4Willesley*Willesley
Quad Kids Year 5/6Willesley*Willesley
Quick Sticks Hockey Year 3/4Griffydam*Willesley
Quick Sticks Hockey Year 5/6Ashby Hill TopGriffydam
Spirit of the GamesWillesley/ThringstoneSir John Moore
Whitwick St Johns
Ashby C oF E
Whitwick St Johns
Swimming GalaWillelsey Willesley
Tag Rugby Ashby Area Year 3/4GriffydamDonisthorpe
Tag Rugby Coalville Area Year 3/4Broom LeysWillesley
Tag Rugby Year 3/4 WinnerGriffydamWillesley
Tag Rugby Year 5/6 WinnerWillesleyWillesley
Tri-Golf Year 3/4WillesleyWhitwick St John
Tri-Golf Year 5/6WillesleyWhitwick St John


*Denotes teams who also won the Level 3 County competition