Key Stage 3 & 4 Competition Results



School Games and One Off Competitions

CompetitionDateWinnerRunner UpLink to write up
KS3/4/5 Trampolining13/11/2019Ashby
KS 4 Swimming
KS5 Swimming
KS3 Boys Basketball
Year 7
Year 8
Year 9
KS4 Girls Futsal
KS3 Girls Basketball
Year 7 Boys Dodgeball
Year 8/9 Boys Dodgeball
KS4 Girls Volleyball
KS3 Girls Football Yr 7
KS3 Girls Football Yr 8/9
KS4 Boys Volleyball
KS3 Girls Dodgeball
Y7 Girls Futsal
Y8-9 Girls Futsal
KS3 Swimming
KS4 Boys Dodgeball
KS4 Girls Dodgeball
Y7 Boys Sports Hall Athletics
Y7 Girls Sports Hall Athletics
Y8 Boys Sports Hall Athletics
Y8 Girls Sports Hall Athletics
Y9 Boys Sports Hall Athletics
Y9 Girls Sports Hall Athletics
KS3 Girls Handball
KS3 Boys Handball
KS3 Boys Softball
KS3 Cyclo Cross
Y7/8 Tennis

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North West Leicestershire Team Leicestershire

 Team Leicestershire 
CompetitionNWLSSP WinnerRunner Up
Netball Year 7
Netball Year 8
Netball Year 9
Netball Year 10
Netball Year 11
Boys Football Year 7
Boys Football Year 8
Boys Football Year 9
Boys Football Year 10
Boys Football Year 11
Basketball Year 7 Boys
Basketball Year 7 Girls
Basketball Year 8 Boys
Basketball Year 8 Girls
Basketball Year 9 Boys
Basketball Year 9 Girls
Basketball Year 10 Boys
Basketball Year 11 Boys
Basketball KS4 Girls
Table Tennis Boys U13
Table Tennis Boys U16
Table Tennis Boys U19
Table Tennis Girls U13-U19
Hockey Year 7/8 Boys
Hockey Year 7/8 Girls
Hockey Year 9/10 Boys
Hockey Year 9/10 Girls
Girls Futsal Year 7
Girls Futsal Year 8/9
Girls Futsal Year 10/11
Badminton KS3 Boys
Badminton KS3 Girls
Badminton KS4 Boys
Badminton KS4 Girls
Girls Football Year 7
Girls Football Year 9
Girls Football Year 10/11
Cricket Boys U12
Cricket Boys U14
Cricket Girls U13

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