Sport & Physical Activity Commissioning Plan

Leicestershire Public Health continues to distribute sport and physical activity funding through Leicester-shire and Rutland Sport as part of the annual Sport and Physical Activity Plan for the county.  In the past, this funding has helped the NWLSSP to develop its staffing infrastructure and deliver popular programmes such as Alternative Sports and Mental Health Workshops.

Funding is allocated for delivery between April and March, with priorities being set out for partners in advance.  For 2019/20 the NWLSSP will be developing programmes to meet the following guiding principles:

  • Active Travel
  • Fundamental Movement skills
  • Inactive Girls & Boys
  • Workforce Development
  • Daily Boost

There is also a working group currently looking at how this funding can best align to the new Healthy Schools Rating System set to be launched in September and the notion of a Whole School Approach to delivering these objectives.  The 8 guiding principles for this being to develop and deliver multi-component interventions, ensure skilled workforce, engage student voice, create active environments, offer choice and variety, embed in curriculum, teaching and learning, promote active travel and embed monitoring and evaluation.  This may mean that the NWLSSP looks to deliver additional programmes from September onwards.