Meet The Team

The NWLSSP staffing structure is driven by the Buy In Options and additional funding brought into the partnership to ensure that we can deliver on all of our agreed objectives.  Below you can find out more about the team in their own words.

Click here to view the NWLSSP staffing structure in PDF format

Stuart Johnson

Director of Sport and Community Development

Started at NWLSSP: August 2014

Role overview:  To guide the strategy and direction of the NWLSSP, making sure we have the budget to create high quality PE, school sport and physical activity memories for all pupils in NWLSSP schools, not to mention managing the NWLSSP team and our relationships with all our key stakeholders.

Best school sport memory: Winning the Staffordshire Rugby County Cup 3 years on the bounce

Greatest sporting achievement: A toss-up between Top Goalscorer 1st Alrewas Cubs 1993/94 or completing my first half marathon in Nottingham (2012) in 1h44m8s.

Likes: Saturday’s

Dislikes: Any football team that isn’t Liverpool FC.

Inspirational Quote: If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together. – African Proverb


Tel: 01530 811267

Brian Rushe

School Sports Development Officer/School Games Organiser

Started at NWLSSP: June 2012

Role overview: To implement, support and deliver a successful calendar of School Games activities for Primary, Secondary and Special Schools across NWL.  Ensure that competitions locally link to and support an emerging framework for competitive school sport at county, district & local level.  Line manage the NWLSSP PE & Multi Sport Coaches.

Best school sport memory: Wining the all Belfast 3rd Tier Gaelic Football Cup at Casement Park in front of 103 people in year 8.

Greatest sporting achievement: LRS Work Place Challenge Business Games Champion, 2013, 2014, 2015

Likes: Food, American Football and Play Station

Dislikes: Being wrong, moaning and salad 

Inspirational Quote:  Only he without sin may cast the first stone- John 8:7


Tel: 01530 811267

Emelie Taylor

Assistant School Sports Development Officer - Secondary

Started at NWLSSP: October 2017

Role Overview: To be the lead contact for Secondary Schools in the NWLSSP, working alongside them to improve PE and School Sport provision for all pupils within the school system. Provide sport leadership opportunities across all primary and secondary schools. Work as part of the NWLSSP Events Team delivering level 1 and 2 school games competitions across the partnership.

Best school sport memory: Completing the Duke of Edinburgh silver award and making it to camp site 3 hours faster than the other group who climbed the wrong hill.

Greatest sporting achievement: Playing American football in Finland for the Birmingham Lions and winning the game. While later in that season being named 4 time national champions.

Likes: Bake off, American football and rugby.

Dislikes: Horror films and spicy food.

Inspirational Quote: “fail to prepare, prepare to fail” and “if you don’t ask the answer is always no”

Tracey Hosking

Administration & Monitoring Assistant

Started at NWLSSP: August 2018

Role Overview: To provide administrative support to NWLSSP. Collate, monitor and record data and details required for external funders, partners and NWLSSP and assist with conference, meetings, festival, competition and event management organisation and liaison

Best school sport memory: Taking part in swimming galas

Greatest sporting achievement: Setting the alarm to wake me up at 4.45am three mornings a week to attend early morning bootcamp

Likes: Holidays, gin & bootcamp

Dislikes: Liars

Inspirational Quote: Excuses will always be there for you, opportunity wont.

Kirsty Naismith

Assistant School Sports Development Officer (Primary)

Started at NWLSSP: March 2019

Role overview:  To be the lead contact for primary schools in the NWLSSP, working alongside them to improve PE & school sports provisions for all pupils within the school sports system as well as supporting the delivery of level 1 & 2 school sports games.

Best school sport memory: Playing badminton for the school team and winning the inter school competition!

Greatest sporting achievement: Scoring a goal!!!!!

Likes: Football, baking and sleeping in

Dislikes: Ketchup & winter

Inspirational Quote: Life begins on the other side of your comfort zone.


Daniel Kendrick

PE & School Sport Multisport Coach

Started at NWLSSP: August 2019

Role overview: To deliver quality PE and extra-curricular sessions to children aged 4-11 in 7 different schools based across North West Leicestershire. My role involves delivering a variety of different sports including football, tag rugby, athletics, striking and fielding sports, gymnastics and dance.

Best school sport memory: Winning every football county cup from Year 6 through Year 11.

Greatest sporting achievement: Winning the U18’s football county cup.

Likes: Football, rugby, gaming and travel.

Dislikes: Avocado and being late.

Inspirational Quote: “The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in winning”.