Spirit of the Games

spiritThese are the six values that form the ‘Spirit of the Games’, part of the wider Sporting Spirit programme. Competition creates the ideal context in which to explore personal values and conduct, as through it young people can learn how to handle victory and defeat, how to believe in their abilities and achieve their personal best, how to respect their opponents and work with their team-mates to achieve success. The way in which schools communicate these values and involve young people in championing this cause will help bring the Spirit of the Games to life. This will ensure that competitive school sport is a rich learning experience for your young people, an experience which develops them to be not only the best sportsperson they can be but the best person as well.

At each primary school competition run by the NWLSSP a Spirit of the Games Award is given to the team or school that best demonstrates the School Games Values.

In 2017/18 Thringstone and Ashby Willesley won the most awards, both winning it on 6 occasions.

The current standings for 2018/19 are below.


SchoolTotal Spirit of the Games AwardsCompetitions Awarded For
Whitwick st Johns4Dodgeball Yr 5/6
Basketball Y5/6
Girls Kwik Cricket Y5/6
Mini Orange Tennis Y5/6
Sir John Moore 4Gymnastics KS1
Swimming Yr 5/6
Quick Sticks Yr 3/4
Tag Rugby Yr 3/4
Ashby C of E4Gymnastics KS3
Mini Red Tennis Yr 3/4
Girls Football Yr 5/6
Quick Sticks Yr 5/6
Warren Hills3Inclusive Multi-Sport
Basketball Y5/6
Kwik Cricket Y5/6
Basketball Y5/6
Mini Orange Tennis Y5/6
Broom Leys3Go Ride Cycling Yr 5/6
Tri Golf Pathway Yr 5/6
Table Tennis Girls Yr 5/6
Hugglescote3Dodgeball Yr 5/6
Bisi Badminton Yr 2/3
Table Tennis Yr 5/6
Hilltop3Basketball Y5/6
Quad Kids Y3/4
Quick Sticks Yr 3/4
Woodstone3Tag Rugby Yr 5/6
Tri Golf Pathway Yr 3/4
Quick Sticks Yr 5/6
St Denys2Inclusive Multi-Sport
New Age Kurling Yr 1-6
Snarestone2Dodgeball Yr 5/6
Basketball Y5/6
Thringstone2Tag Rugby Yr 3/4
Mini Red Tennis Yr 3 / 4
Willesley1Quick Sticks Yr 3/4
Newbold1Tag Rugby Yr 5/6
Woodcote1Dodgeball Yr 5/6
Dove Bank 1Sports Hall Athletics Yr 5/6
Holy Cross1Boccia
St Charles Measham1Gymnastics KS2
Oakthorpe1New Age Kurling Yr 1-6
Belvoirdale1Quad Kids Yr 5/6
Donisthorpe1Hi 5 Netball Yr 5/6
All Saints 1Tri Golf Festival Yr 3/4
Packington1Mixed Kwik Cricket Yr 5/6
Measham C of E1Tri Golf Festival Yr 3/4