Key Stage 3 & 4 Competition Results



School Games and One Off Competitions

CompetitionDateWinnerRunner UpLink to write up
KS3 Trampolining14/11/18Ashby
KS4 Trampolining14/11/18Ibstock
KS 4 Swimming20/11/18Ashby
KS5 Swimming20/11/18
KS3 Boys Basketball
Year 7
Year 8
Year 9
Castle Rock
Castle Rock
KS4 Indoor Rowing26/11/18
KS4 Girls Futsal27/11/18AshbyKing Edward
KS3 Girls Basketball29/11/18Castle Rock
KS3 Boys Dodgeball 6/12/18Year 7- Ibstock
Year 8/9- Newbridge
KS4 Girls Volleyball10/12/18AshbyN/A
KS3 Girls Football Yr 7
KS3 Girls Football Yr 8/9
11/12/18Castle Rock
Castle Rock
KS4 Boys Volleyball10/12/18AshbyN/A
KS3 Girls Dodgeball13/12/18Year 7-Newbridge
Year 8/9- Castle Rock
Y7 Girls Futsal9/1/19IvanhoeNewbridge
Y8-9 Girls Futsal9/1/19Castle RockNewbridge
KS3 Swimming29/1/19IbstockIvanhoe
KS4 Boys Dodgeball21/1/19AshbyKing Edward
KS4 Girls Dodgeball21/1/19AshbyKing Edward
Y7 Boys Sports Hall Athletics27/2/19NewbridgeIvanhoe
Y7 Girls Sports Hall Athletics27/2/19IvanhoeNewbridge
Y8 Boys Sports Hall Athletics6/3/19Castle RockNewbridge
Y8 Girls Sports Hall Athletics6/3/19Castle RockIvanhoe
Y9 Boys Sports Hall Athletics13/3/19IvanhoeCastle Rock
Y9 Girls Sports Hall Athletics13/3/19IvanhoeNewbridge
KS3 Girls Handball7/3/19N/A
KS3 Boys Handball 7/3/19N/A
KS3 Boys Softball9/5/19
KS3 Cyclo Cross17/5/19
Y7/8 Tennis22/5/19

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North West Leicestershire Team Leicestershire

 Team Leicestershire 
CompetitionNWLSSP WinnerRunner Up
Netball Year 7
Netball Year 8
Netball Year 9
Netball Year 10
Netball Year 11
Boys Football Year 7
Boys Football Year 8
Boys Football Year 9
Boys Football Year 10
Boys Football Year 11
Basketball Year 7 Boys
Basketball Year 7 Girls
Basketball Year 8 Boys
Basketball Year 8 Girls
Basketball Year 9 Boys
Basketball Year 9 Girls
Basketball Year 10 Boys
Basketball Year 11 Boys
Basketball KS4 Girls
Table Tennis Boys U13
Table Tennis Boys U16
Table Tennis Boys U19
Table Tennis Girls U13-U19
Hockey Year 7/8 Boys
Hockey Year 7/8 Girls
Hockey Year 9/10 Boys
Hockey Year 9/10 Girls
Girls Futsal Year 7
Girls Futsal Year 8/9
Girls Futsal Year 10/11
Badminton KS3 Boys
Badminton KS3 Girls
Badminton KS4 Boys
Badminton KS4 Girls
Girls Football Year 7
Girls Football Year 9
Girls Football Year 10/11
Cricket Boys U12
Cricket Boys U14
Cricket Girls U13

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